A Poem for Thanksgiving In the Time of COVID19

In the United States, we have a holiday – the fourth Thursday of November called – Thanksgiving. Although some make it out to be a religious holiday or a patriotic holiday, it is neither. Thanksgiving is a regular day of the week dedicated to being grateful, that is, thankful. Thankful for where we are in life, wherever that may be. It has been the custom of this day to prepare a great feast for our family and friends. A secondary custom is to watch the Thanksgiving Day parades and football on TV. It is mostly an excuse to be with those we love, to break bread, and be happy for what we have in life.

However, this year it is different. For the sake of all, we are hunkering down in each of our bubbles. Sacrificing being with all those we love to keep us all safe from this terrible scourge – the COVID 19 virus. So this is a poem I wrote for the times.

Thanksgiving Day Memories In the Days Before COVID 19

by Marie Staight

Thanksgiving memories in the Days before COVID 19

I awaken to talking and laughter

The rhythm of forks on plates beating like a tambourine

The sweet sound of people snoring after.

The smells gently waft through the house

Exciting my nose and palate

Accompanied by the pungent scent of Brussel sprouts

Whiffs – must be the shallots.

My mouth has the memory of the tastes

The outside crisp, the inside juicy

 Mommy opening the oven to baste

 How crispy and dark the top, you see?

The smooth whipped white potatoes

The salty taste of the olives and pickles

The crispy, crunchy bitter taste of Fried green tomatoes

The sweet, tart taste of cranberry sauce tickles.

The colors of the table set for a queen.

Blue plates, gold silverware

The yellow cornucopia of squash, cobbed corn, and beans

The freshly ironed green linen was laid with care.

But this Thanksgiving will be ‘mask’-ed

Our table will be thinner

Social distancing we’ll all be asked

Thankful, we’ll have our Turkey TV Dinner.

Happy thanksgiving to all who read this!

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