The Peacock’s Tale by Marie Staight


Priscilla Vickers returns to her job as an art instructor for a small suburban college in picturesque Winter Park, Florida. She has endured a terrible year in which not only did her Great Aunt Clara die as a result of a house fire; but in trying to soothe her sorrow, Prissy fled to Scotland on an Art Fellowship where she had her heart broken by a shameless Scotsman. All Prissy wants to do now is teach what she learned in Scotland to her art students, but a nighttime encounter with one of the town’s peacocks starts series of other peacock images that piques her curiosity. Could the peacock sightings have some meaning to her life? Surely this is not just coincidence … or is it? Prissy finds herself following the trail of peacocks through the town of Winter Park, the college art studio and eventually – even her Indiana hometown. Enlightenment of her past is strewn with talented art students, old friendships rekindled, the ghost of her Aunt Clara, and even the reappearance of her Scottish love interest, Brendan MacFarlane. As Priscilla struggles with her emotions, longings, and doubts — will the truth reveal a relationship thought to be lost?

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