A Poem For Christmas

This is a special poem I wrote for friends and family. I hope you are well and enjoying your Holidays wherever you are. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Season’s Colors

By Marie Staight

What color am I? Do you ask me? 

Today I am green –

 The color of wreaths and Christmas trees.

Tomorrow my body will be emersed in red –

The colors of ribbons, cranberries, and bows.

The Poinsettia with their beautiful crimson heads.

Christmas Eve, my voice will sing in blue.

Of the manger where an infant lay.

My voice will sing the songs of Love anew.

On Christmas Day, I will glory in White.

The garb of Angels standing by.

The pure, translucent light.

What color am I? Do you ask Me?

Green, red, blue, and white.

The colors of celebration, you see.

So please grant me these wishes

In this season of Love.

To you and yours, Merry Christmas!


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