Poems for Christmas

I want to share some poems with you for Christmas. I hope you enjoy them.


The Colors of Christmas

     By Marie Staight

The colors of Christmas

Fill my heart with joy.

In the darkness of December’s showy business,

They comfort every girl and boy.


The greens speak of everlasting rebirth –

Entwined in wreaths with no beginning or end.

A reminder of the event of childbirth,

A miracle of the Great God-send.


Royal purple welcomes the King.

Blanketing the baby’s nativity.

Its richness adding to our worshiping,

Symbolizing the baby’s majesty.


The red bows and mistletoe berries

Bear the sign of blood to come.

Passion and courage, red carries

A rhythm like a drum.


White is my favorite Christmas color.

The angels donned in white –

Sing to the shepherds – of the babe to be discovered

In a manger simple and right.


The Christmas twinkling lights all multicolored.

Show us the rainbow of love –

Promising renewed days unencumbered

With Blessings showered from above.


So sing of the Christmas colors,

Of merriness, blessings and great joy.

Come celebrate in Technicolor,

Ringing the silver bells for the Baby Boy!


Oh Where Has Christmas Gone?

  By Marie Staight

Oh, where has Christmas gone?

Amid the bustle and blaring horns?

Has the reverence for the day withdrawn?

Hiding the fact of the princely newborn?


The trees, the bells, the singing, all

Are meant to celebrate the birth.

But they hide in our conscious like a ball

Of fluff, buried in potter’s earth.


The Nativity story told so true

Should shine and thrill us every time.

No room in the Inn for the two

That bright star shining in the night time.


The shepherds hearing Angels Sing

Of a miracle child born in a manger.

Three Wise men traveling to bring

Presents to the babe, a stranger.


Oh, where has the Christmas Spirit hidden?

Can I find it under the tree?

Will the music that I listen

Bring fresh meaning to the highest degree?


It is the Babe in Bethlehem

The miracle so blessed

That we must adore again

Singing praises to the Lord God’s best.


Oh, where has Christmas gone?

It snuggles in our hearts.

Praises to the Holy Babe,

That Christmastime imparts.


Merry Christmas to All!

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