Are Good Intentions Enough?

Yesterday real-life got in my way of writing this blog. The rush of Christmas activities and obligations ate into my writing time. It didn’t help that my WiFi suddenly went offline for an entire evening and early morning – just the times I prefer to write. Of course, I had good intentions to sit down to have a productive session writing, but then again I had no firm idea as to what I should write about. All that mulling around in my head different ideas and soon the Christmas cards needed addressing; the cookies needed to be put into tins; and oh my, it was time to go to the nursing home for my weekly visit. Where does time go?


So the blog did not get written. I had good intentions to get it done, but are good intentions good enough? Does it take you off the hook for not writing? Is interference by real-life a valid reason for not writing? I think it is. After all one has to manage one’s life, as well as indulge in your passions. Balance is the key to a satisfactory life is it not? Or am I just making excuses for being disorganized and lazy?

It is the bane of a writer’s life to think that if they just did a little more, sacrificed more, wrote more – their written words would be brilliant. I am not so sure that this isn’t an excuse either. One just has to do what you can do. Sure there may be regrets, but other parts of your life should be paid attention to along the way, because no matter what –  you will have regrets about something.

Writing, for me, is a reflection of life. So how can you write about the foibles of life if all you do is push words upon a paper and have no experience behind those words? Taking part in life’s experiences whether getting out my Christmas cards, cleaning the dishes, visiting a friend – all of these things make me a more balanced person. So it’s the time of year to enjoy oneself and take a bit of a break from the weekly hassle of deadlines. Permit yourself to take a break. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Christmas Tree

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