My Letter to Santa

Santa letter

Hello Dear Santa,

It’s me – Marie?  The one who had my roof fixed last year so the reindeer wouldn’t fall through the roof when you came. Remember me? I hope you are well and all ready to make your long pilgrimage this year. Rest up, because as I have learned as I age, you need all those little naps to get through the hard days.

I have to say I did enjoy all the presents you brought me last year especially the shirt with the peacock on it. That was a nice ‘tip of the hat’ to my one published endeavor. Thank you for all the movie tickets and of course, the candy and cookies were wonderful too.

This year I have been a very good girl. Writing a blog post every week; writing various poems and stories for my writer’s group, and even posting on Facebook so all my friends could see what I had been doing.  I’ve been reading too and studying about the craft of writing.

For Christmas this year I would like peace on earth, a new President, some surprises, and most of all – this year I have a special request, Dear Santa.  I’d really, really would like a great idea that would stick in my mind. An idea that I could fashion into a fabulous story – maybe even novel length? I promise I will do the work. Outline the plot, build the characters, work out clever scenes that progress the story. I’ll show not tell. I promise I will edit it so that the story will be brilliant.  One last request concerning this Christmas wish – Please, this time when I send out query letters, let one of those agents recognize that the story shines and that it is worthy of being published.

I would ask Dear Santa that you also bless all my writer friends with bright ideas and ease of writing about those ideas.  I know they all struggle as I do, and it would be wonderful if they too could have success with their writing.

Belle has been a very good dog this year too; she asks me to ask you for some good treats for her.

Thank you, Santa for all the wonderful Christmas presents I have enjoyed over the years. I know I will appreciate any of the presents that you bring this year.

Merry Christmas, Santa!



P.S. I’ll leave out some cookies for you and some carrots for your reindeer.

P.P.S. I’ll make sure Belle doesn’t eat the carrots – she loves them too!



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