Chasing the Tail

I remember chasing around this peacock trying to take the perfect picture of his  beautiful tail. Poor thing. I’m sure it thought I was a nuisance. What you do not see in this picture is the second peacock walking about and sticking his head or feet into the picture. I had to shoo the other one away. But I was determined to get a good picture. I took a lot of pictures. This picture wasn’t exactly the one I wanted as the little beastie would not fan out his tail, but it was the best picture of his beauty. By the time I got this picture we all were exhausted.


Writing is like that for me – chasing that beautiful, perfect tale. I crave it, don’t you? The story first presents itself fleeting in my mind. Just little scenes that seem to be important, but are not fully fanned out. I struggle to follow the tale around, trying this angle and that, until finally it comes into focus. Just when I think it is planned out – another character pops up, or the tale takes off in a direction that I didn’t expect. There are lots of drafts and rewrites. All that chasing around! Sometimes I just want to stop and try to catch my breath, but the story can fly out of my mind if I tarry too long. It takes persistence, but eventually the story – the tale – comes together. However I am often exhausted by the time it is done. But it is a marvelous feeling realizing what I wrote was not the story I first envisioned, but an even better one.

The writing process is like this for me. Is writing like that for you?

2 thoughts on “Chasing the Tail”

  1. Your prompts have helped me so much with my writing as well as all the tips you have shared at Ink and Quill. Thank you Marie!


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