Rainy Day Cinquain


I am one who enjoys reading as I eat. I love going to restaurants and having a quiet time reading as I eat. The other day it was raining, and I ran out of the house without my phone, but no bother – I had my Kindle. In the effort to get inside without getting soaked I juggled my purse, umbrella, jacket, and cane  – and left the Kindle in the car by mistake. As I sat in the booth looking out at my car and the rain, I realized I had nothing to read and worse, not a scrap of paper to write on. I contemplated my dilemma. I sat there and thought what I could do? Nothing to even write on! Oh, that wasn’t quite correct. Around the napkin was a small white wrapper. I smiled and set about to write a poem on the little paper.

In my writing group, we have been discussing different types of poetry. One of these  is the Cinquain. It consists of  five lines in this order:

Line One and Line Five: 2 syllables

Line Two: 4 syllables

Line Three: 6 syllables

Line Four: 8  syllables

The fruits of my effort are below. I hope you like it.

My Phone

My Phone

At home charging

Unattached to me

No instant news, No Calls, No Texts


What is your favorite type of poem to write? Have you ever tried a Cinquain? Share below in the comments if you have.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Cinquain”

  1. Aunt Marie…
    Here are the three haiku we wrote for our Father’s Day gift in 2016:
    Kickball by Mommy
    My man plays kickball.
    He pitches the ball to me.
    He gets me out at home.

    Basketball by Brendan
    We shoot together.
    He makes a ‘double dunkey’.
    He defends the ball.

    Baseball by Natalie
    He hits the ball far.
    Daddy is good at baseball.
    He runs very fast.


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