Sharing a writing exercise prompt with you.

Welcome to my blog Writing in Retirement. It’s not that I began writing once I retired, it’s more like I had the time to begin taking writing seriously after I retired. After all, I had to fill my time somehow and what better way than to pursue something that I enjoyed? I had in fact written a novel before retirement – which ended up in a plastic case. A hodgepodge of ideas and stories that had no ending. It still sits there in its plastic case, niggling my brain from time to time trying to pop out a proper story, but it never quite gets there.  After I retired I wrote a novel called The Peacock’s Tale  which I loved doing. Sticking my toe into the writing world, I self published it in July of 2013. The book was hailed by friends and acquaintances but I had no idea how to really advertise it. My journey into the world of being an author was just beginning!

Shortly afterwards with a friend, I began a Writing Group called the Ink & Quill writing Group at the local Senior center. I have been facilitating that group for several years now. It is from the discussions and writings done with the Ink &Quill Writing Group of Winter Garden that I humbly come to do this Blog.  The writing group has taught me how to stretch my creativity and how to write better. Its given me a venue to explore all sorts of writing, including various forms of poetry, short stories, and even children’s stories.

One of the ways I stretch my writing muscles is to write from a prompt, so I would like to share some of these prompts with you, along with some discussions about ways to improve your writing experience in retirement.  Make sure to check this site for the prompts I leave for you. In the meantime keep on writing and come back soon to explore more writing ideas.

Bonus Prompt:

Here’s a simple prompt that will help you think about using all your senses to describe the subject. Try to include as many sensual clues as you can in the piece, i.e., sight, sound, taste, touch and smell: Write a story or poem about the wind.

Feel free to share how you did in the comment section below.

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