Key for Writers: Commitment



Commitment is the stuff character is made of: the power to change the face of things.


I keep a jar of fortune cookie sayings on my desk, and I pulled out this one just now. It gave me a start as I know it was the right saying for the right time. It got me started thinking about commitment to writing. It’s a real key to writing.

Sometimes when facing a blank page, when you feel your well of words has dried up. When you feel like nothing will appear on the page. You just have to sit down and face that blank page and begin to write. One of the definitions of Commitment is – to engage oneself.

That’s what you have to do. It’s not that you have to think about stuff, it’s rather that you have to ‘do.’ Put one word after the other, and things will begin to percolate, and before you know it, the words will appear and with it ideas that will make sense.

If you are looking for a magic pill that will make you a writer – forget it. What it takes is everyday commitment to write. That’s the way you learn to put together the elements that make a story. It also is the way to get past ourselves – the many excuses we use not to put down the stories that circulate in our brains. The ‘someday stories,’ the ‘someday book,’ the ‘someday I will submit this story to a publisher’ stuff can be cured by the commitment to do.

We are soon to see a New Year start. Why not get a jump on that and write down your goals of commitment to writing?  It’s doing that get you somewhere.

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