Thoughts on Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It is one of those holidays to which we all look forward. Not just because of the food, or the football games – although that is a delightful part of it – but for the fellowship with families and friends. Oh yes, there is always one relative we would rather not sit next to, but then again perhaps they feel the same with us! It is the one day we put all that aside and enjoy the bounty which blesses all of us. To that end, I have written a cinquain poem (a five line poem) about Thanksgiving and then followed that with a prayer. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy your blessings.  Marie

eating-healthyCinquain for Thanksgiving


 Gratitude, Harvest

     Gathering, Eating, Praying

 Fullness, Kindness, Happiness, Love




A Prayer for Thanksgiving       ThanksPrayer

Dear Heavenly Father

Bless the elements of this planet and help us be good stewards of the earth, air, fire, and water.

Bless the creatures of this earth whose bounty and beauty we enjoy.

Bless this country in which we live. Help us to mend our differences and live in peace with our   neighbors.

Bless this gathering of souls that we might break bread and be merry.

Bless this abundant meal and the hands that have prepared it.

Let us express our gratitude freely on this Thanksgiving Day.



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