Marie’s Eleven Tips for Writing

I was contemplating what to write about this week, so I did what I usually do when thinking about a subject – I Googled “advice for writers.” I then read about 100+ rules for writing by many distinguished writers. As I went through them, I jotted down notes that seemed to be relevant to me. I found repetitions by many authors, but not many of the things I found were new to my way of thinking about writing.  In the end, I came up with eleven tips that spoke to me where I am in my writing journey.

 writing with pen

Here they are Marie’s Eleven Tips for Writing:

  1. Read – and read widely – not just what you enjoy reading. Doing this opens you up to both good and bad writing as well as to amazing experiences that you otherwise would not have.
  2. Write daily – even if it is just a journal entry or an email to your favorite friend.
  3. Write stories that interest you and what you would like to read.
  4. Write characters that are memorable: readers may not remember your story, but will remember an interesting character.
  5. Allow yourself to be surprised by where your characters take you.
  6. Increase your vocabulary – by doing so, you increase the possibilities of finding the right word for each sentence.
  7. Don’t feel guilty about getting lost in your writing. Time passing without your knowledge indicates you are in a zone – telling the story you need to tell.
  8. Join and take part in a writing group. They give you courage, support, and keep you accountable for your writing.
  9. Revise your stories after the first draft – that’s called cleaning up the mess.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Don’t go comparing yourself to others. Don’t get down on yourself for mistakes or for having a pile of rejections.
  11. Just keep writing.

I’m sure there is writing advice that rings true for others. Do you have favorite advice that you cling to in your writing? Share it with us in the comments!

1 thought on “Marie’s Eleven Tips for Writing”

  1. I’m reading “Wired For Story” by Lisa Cron. It’s a bunch of tips that we’ve all heard before, but written in such a way that it’s like I’m hearing them for the first time. It’s giving me a lot of ideas for improving my writing. I highly recommend it.


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