RESPECT: Ode to Aretha Franklin

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give homage to the great Aretha Franklin. Enjoy the poem.

Aretha Franklin: Ode to the Queen of Soul   


Aretha died this week.

Her mighty voice was silenced.

But please don’t weep,

RESPECT Her Highness


She was a singular force,

That voice bigger than life,

Sometimes high and sometimes hoarse,

A songstress to all of life’s strife.


She garnered accolades,

That made her top-of-the-charts.

She was a Jack-Of-All-Trades,

Her vocalizations made her Queen of our Hearts.


The death of Aretha made us blue.

But can we ever forget?

Baby I love you,

The Queen’s vignette.


I Say a Little Prayer for you,

Queen Aretha, like the precious jewels

Of deep heartfelt trues,

Never, ever ― A Chain of Fools.


Her anthem that made me

Feel like A Natural Woman,

A march for equal rights to be free,

Inspiring me to be a superwoman.


Never will I hear her say, Call Me,

Because Aretha has transcended

To the great choir full of artistry,

And joined the bands of Heaven.


Angels will now sing in harmony,

With that great voice so strong.

Songs sung fervently,

For thousands of years long.


But let us Think.

Generations will hear The Empress,

Touching their hearts in mink,

With melodies that will never die.


So please don’t have regrets,

For the Queen of Soul.

Just show your RESPECT,

For the incredible woman’s musical role.


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2 thoughts on “RESPECT: Ode to Aretha Franklin”

  1. Very nice tribute and very clever the way you used her songs in your poem. What a wonderful way to show respect to this great artist.


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