On This Memorial Day: Lest We Forget

I wanted to write something for those who we need to remember on this Memorial Day. To act as my inspiration, I played over and over TAPS. Then I came upon the humble words attributed to this bugle call;

“Day is done, gone the sun,

From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky,

All is well, safely rest

God is nigh.”Arlingtoon

From these modest lyrics I composed this poem:


A Memorial Day Remembrance

By Marie Staight

On this Memorial Day, I want to remember

Those that have served

So faithfully that their bodies have surrendered.

The ones who truly deserved


The category of hero,

Even though scared or brave

Whether surrounded by hundreds or zero

They fought until the grave.


Now they lay peacefully

In this place of honor

Taps playing mournfully

So their souls grow even fonder


Of the land they died to protect

Of the rights they stood behind

Of the loved ones they respect

For all – they now have peace of mind.


We come to lay a wreath

To place a Flag so dearly loved

On those that have bequeathed

To us a life beloved.


Our thanks we need to give

As we remember their sacrifice

For because of them we live

And lead the life of paradise.


Good Night, Rest your souls

Knowing under the starry sky

You are remembered and extolled

While ever ‘God is nigh’.


Thank you to all who have served now and in the past. We owe all of these great people much praise and gratitude.  Marie

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