Rewriting: A Process to be Valued


In the past few weeks I have been writing several stories and poems, and in the process, I realized that I had spent much more time rewriting than I did initially writing.  Rewrite2


I ran through the first draft fairly quickly. The main structure of the story or poem flew from my brain to the page.


But then I returned to line-edit each sentence to get the precise wording that was needed. When doing the line-editing, I noticed that some things needed to be restructured, so the story flowed better and had no discrepancies. I repeatedly returned to rewrite until I felt things had been polished to the best advantage of the story I wanted to tell. Give your story or poem the time and attention it deserves to be the best you can write. rewrite1Rewriting is a major part of writing, so don’t neglect it!

I’d love to hear from you about what you do to rewrite your WIP. Comment below.

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