Thoughts On Valentine’s Day Symbols

Have you ever considered the symbols we use for Valentine’s Day? We know little about Saint Valentine himself. The common legend is he was a Bishop who performed marriages for soldiers who, at the time, were forbidden to marry. While visiting Rome he was arrested, tortured and martyred on February 14, 269. Because so little is known of him the Catholic Church removed his name from the General Roman Calendar in 1969.  However we celebrate St. Valentine’s faithfulness to romantic love and marriage on February 14th.  Here is a non-rhyming poem I wrote about the symbols we use for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

Candy Valentine     Cupid valentine  Love Birds

Symbols Of Valentine’s Day

Colors of Red for passion, and White for purity, Pink the meshing of the two,

Cinnamon red hearts, white lace, and pink frosting on cupcakes.

Cupid the Spirit of Love aiming his arrow of love at the heart.

The prick of love that pierces the heart.

Flowers that have their secret language of romance

Declaring their passion for another.

Lovebirds sitting together, mating for life

Like Doves and Swans.

Love notes spring out from everywhere,

Valentines for those we love.

Sweets, like pearls of love, given to sugar-coat our appetite

Chocolates, cakes, and hundreds of candy boxes.

Hearts, the ultimate symbol of love,

The wellspring of our lives.


Do have any other comments on the symbols of Valentine’s Day? Love to hear from you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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