A Valentine Poem

I wrote this Valentine poem in remembrance of the most memorable valentine I had ever gotten. This special valentine was given to me by one of my patients when I worked at a Children’s Hospital as a Physical Therapist. I hope you enjoy it.


A Special Valentine

By Marie Staight


Her name was Kate.

She was eight.

Post op Brain tumor,

What a bumm-or.


Herky- jerky movements,

Needed improvements.

Arms and legs shot out in all directions

Coordination was full of misdirections.


“Physical Therapy for gait training”, it said

The first time we met at her bed.

Patience it took to find the remedies,

To calm those extremities.


With a walker, we forged our way down the hall.

We left scars on the wall

A dance of feet so ugly,

And ungainly it was truly funky.


Twice a day we practiced the strange march

Until she was able to straighten out the arch.

In the hospital halls and PT’s gyms

She relearned how to straighten her limbs.


Home she went to practice how to start again

And came as an out-patient to my den.

Slowly the control improved

Until she really grooved.


I challenged her with obstacle courses,

Of steps, and ramps and hobby horses,

Of soft surfaces and sticky ones.

We did for many reruns.


It was the way to retrain her brain

So she could, her balance, sustain.

The final challenge was quite a scheme

To walk across a balance beam.


Step one, fall off. Remount.

So many times I lost count.

Step one, then two, but down she’d go.

One day, she did the whole, toe-to-toe!


On Valentine’s Day, she came

With card in hand to proclaim

How her humor was askew

She proudly handed it for me to view.


The card was decorated with a balance beam

To conquer it was her dream

It said, “Valentine, I lost my Balance over you”.

We laughed and both knew that it was true.


That precious Valentine is burned in my memory

As the most special of all that’s true and tender be.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kate!

Wherever you may be – walking tall and straight.


How about you? Have a special Valentine’s memory about which you can write a poem? Please share with us by putting it in the comments below.

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