La-Dee-Dah Days

Alright, I confess, the Holidays are upon is and and I am knee deep in the Holiday Spirit – so much so that writing has taken a back seat for a while. Oh dear, did I just hear a collective gasp? That’s like a cardinal sin with writer’s, right? You are expected to write every day. Well, it’s not that I have stopped writing – it’s just that I am not writing as much or as frequently as usual. Perhaps it is a backlash from the NaNoWriMo fever of last month …

Real life sort of gets in the way sometimes and you just have to adjust your priorities. That’s one of the perks in writing in retirement – you can give yourself permission to take a break, or readjust your writing time. You are your own boss, and don’t have to bow to a calendar or time clock. You can take a breath and regroup when it’s needed.

So I have decided to take some La-Dee-Dah days until the rush of the Holidays are over. I’ll see you here Next Year! In the meantime, here’s a little ditty I made up for the roofing company.

Up On Marie’s Rooftop Christmas Song

Santa 2


Up on the rooftop, Irma blows

Down to the ground the shingles flow

Off break the branches from the trees

A day and a half, no electricity.


Chorus:  Oh, ho, ho!

What do you know?

Oh, ho, ho!

Who wouldn’t show?

Up on the rooftop,

Tap, Tap, Tap!

Down go new shingles,

With good insurance.


First the adjuster with check in hand

Then the contractor by satellite

Days of pounding over my head

Up before there is even light.



Why not fix that saggy ceiling?

Falling down in my garage.

What about these soffit vents?

And that new attic vent?



Days and days of workers here,

Pounding, pounding in my ear

Christmas came early on my roof,

Now dear Santa can come on hoof.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Y’all!


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