Feeling Like a WINNER After NaNoWriMo

Twenty-two thousand, four hundred and ninety-three words was all I could muster during NaNoWriMo. But to put it another way, I had a twenty-two thousand, four hundred and ninety-three word draft of a story. I have a head start on a story that I can finish during the next few months. That’s the beauty of NaNoWriMo.

woman at computer

As always with NaNo, I learned new things about writing. I decided to use a different format for the story – a diary format. Something I had never tried this before this. It had helped that I had been reading some books written in this format before November. I learned two important things about this format: 1. What I found was I had to have an old calendar right beside me so I could keep track of the correct dates: and 2. I needed to make sure I had the weather correct for those dates!

I know the challenge is to finish a fifty thousand word draft, but this year, because of all the challenges in my life, I could not devote the time I needed to do the fifty thousand words. Instead, I just plugged along writing in the time I was able to sit down at the computer. It forced me to write daily, no matter how little I wrote and it proved to me that I could produce a story if I wrote consistently. So, in my mind, I am a Winner.

True I have no certificate or badge, but I still came out a Winner. Those of you that fret because you did not make the goal – don’t get upset. Look at the other side of the challenge. Good for you! You are way ahead of those that did nothing! There is always next year to try and make the goal. In the meantime, take the words you have already written and shape them into a decent draft.

How about you? Did you make the fifty thousand word goal? What new things did you learn about writing as you took part in this challenge? Will you participate in NaNoWriMo again? Share with me by commenting below.

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