Thanksgiving Poems

Hello all!

I thought I would share the poems that I wrote about Thanksgiving and Gratitude. The first one is in a cinquin format. Here it is:

Thanksgiving Blessings


Food, Fellowship

Praying, Laughing, Eating

Happiness with our blessings



I enjoy this format of five lines. The first line is one word that describes the general idea of the poem. Second line is two adjectives that describe the first line. Third line consists of three action verbs ending in ‘-ing’. The fourth line is a four word description that captures the feeling of the main topic. The last line is one word that describes more specifically about the first line. You’ll notice that the poem looks a bit like a tree when you are done, that’s because it a ‘shape’ poem.

Here’s my more traditional poem about Gratitude:

For what am I Grateful?

The list of good things,

That give merit to my life,

Is a list too long to string

As a helix winding through my life’s strife.


Thankfulness of life’s blessings

During each moment in time.

Causes us to linger on the beauty pressing

Before our very eyes inclined.


To keep our hearts aglow

We embrace the goodness of it all.

We accept each single moment is part of the flow

Of life’s wholeness, big and small.


For what am I grateful?

In the relativity of time

Each moment’s allure of good things

That bless our life’s paradigm.


Why don’t you have a try at a Thanksgiving Day Poem? Share in the comment section.


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