A Special Poem for a Special Veteran

August 7, 2022                       

Oh dear, I have been remiss in posting here on my blog. I get so busy writing other things I forget to post them! However, an opportunity came my way to write something very special for my niece’s husband’s father, Jim Jaklich.  He is singled out to participate in an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. As part of that honor, on the flight back home the honorees are treated to a Mail Call of cards, letters, and children’s pictures to say Thank You for your service. So I wrote a poem for him. If you are unfamiliar with the Honor Flight Network, check out their website at https://www.honorflight.org/.

With no further ado – here is the poem, I hope you enjoy it!

Thank You For Your Service
By Marie Staight

“Thank you for your service,”
 Seems so trite to say.
I get undeniably nervous
Because my stumbling words betray
The heartfelt feelings that I hold 
For those of you that were so bold
To swear an oath to defend
Our nation and your family. 
It’s hard for me to comprehend, 
But you served throughout the calamity.

So know that there is much more
Than these spoken words expressed
In my heart to say for your service in a war.
Please understand I am stressed
To convey my feelings for such devotion
That you would put your life on hold.
For our brave nation
It fills me with chills so cold.
So my words to recognize your sacrifice?
“Thank you for your service.” Must suffice.

Please feel free to pass on this poem to your favorite veteran, but just make sure to give me credit for its writing!

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Celebrate! I Want You To Be Happy Day, March 3rd

The idea of I Want You To Be Happy Day is a day to show love, care, and concern for other people, even if things aren’t so hot for you. Here’s a poem to start the day.

I Want You to be Happy Day March 3rd
By Marie Staight
Dedicated To Harriet Grimes

It’s such a sweet thing to say,
On ‘I Want You To Be Happy Day.’
There is so many a way
To celebrate and make others gay.

A kindness given to others,
For sisters, brothers, fathers, and mothers, 
Don’t forget friends and strangers, too
Paying forward a thing or two. 

Buy a stranger lunch,
Or perhaps flowers in a bunch
For someone you love
Or think the world of.

Leave a sticky note 
With a happy quote
Tell a joke for a laugh
For others to smile on your behalf.

Brighten someone’s life
Relieving them their strife
By greeting them with a snazzy,
“I want you to be happy!”

A Poem for the Times: I Wish I Could

My dear friends, I know I have been absent for the summer months. I’ve found it challenging to write due to the unrest, the vitriol of the election, the downward spiral of job loss with its consequences of homelessness and hunger, as well as the unrelenting deadly virus. What a summer! My muse went out on a walk somewhere. As I became embroiled in all the complexity of life, my brain froze, and I found sitting down to write was just too difficult. Then this morning, my muse – at a most inopportune time – whispered in my ear. What was I to do? If I ignored her, the thoughts would be lost forever. So I sat down immediately and composed this poem. Feel free to share it as long as you credit me.

I Wish I Could Send You Rain
By Marie Staight
I wish I could send you rain
To quench the thirst of your land
And all the crops and trees.
I wish I could battle the fires
To stop the burning
Of your houses, farms, and wildlife.
I wish I could send you the fresh, clean air.
The unblemished air of a controlled climate
Air to breathe without soot and toxins.
I wish I could send you food to eat
To nourish your bodies
And help you grow strong.
I wish I could plant justice
In your towns and cities
So everyone would be treated the same.
I wish I could wave a wand  to
Mend all the sick and
Rid us of this awful pandemic.
I wish I could send you peace.
A peace that quiets all the souls
And brings love to one another.
The only thing left in reality
Is to wave my magic hand
And VOTE to change all the epidemics.
God help us all if change does not come
If there is no cleansing rain
If there is no fresh air
If there is not enough food
If there is no justice
If the sick do not mend
If peace does not come.
My heart beats in panic
 Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote …