I Want You To Be Happy Day is March 3rd!

March 3 is upon us! What is the significance of March 3rd? Why it’s I Want You To Be Happy Day!

Chase’s Calendar of Events recognizes I Want You To Be Happy Day to be March 3rd. It was brought about in 1990 by the request of Harriet Grimes, one of the original members of The Ink & Quill Writing Group I facilitate in Winter Garden, Florida. This request came about due to an incident where her young grandson, distressed by the crying of his younger brother, gave him a sticker and told his brother that “I Just want you to be happy.” His unselfish act of love, expecting nothing in return, touched her heart. Harriet described the holiday as a day to show love, care, and concern for others.

Five Things You Can Do to Celebrate I Want You To Be Happy Day:

  1. Greet strangers on the street with a smile and a Good Morning!
  2. Open a door or hold open the elevator door for strangers.
  3. Give a lollipop or piece of candy to a cashier or waitress and thank them for their service.
  4. Email or text friends wishing them a wonderful I Want You To Be Happy Day!
  5. Write a blog/ story/ poem about the day and put it on your Facebook Page.

Whatever you do to brighten someone’s day, do it with the knowledge that your effort might not be reciprocated, but then again, you may just make that person’s day!

I wish you to be Happy Today!

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