Donald’s Wall: He Finally Built That Wall – The Playpen

Walls Have Two Sides

Author’s notation: I don’t usually use this space to comment on political matters, but things have been happening that compel me to comment. This is purely my opinion and I am using my First Amendment right to express that. Please be respectful when commenting.

Well, Donald Trump finally built that Wall, but like I have been saying since that this whole Wall thing came out – Walls have two sides. That’s something I don’t think our President understood. Yes, one side keeps people out, but the other side keeps people in. Now he is finding that out. It’s sad. He’s built a Wall alright – one that keeps him IN the White House. It stretches around the very place of power that symbolizes the United States of America.

Donald’s Playpen Wall

The Playpen

It’s sad. It looks like a giant playpen made to keep this child-like President in his yard. The problem is that the toys he is playing with in his playpen are executive orders, appointments – then firings, pardons, pulling out of Treaties and agreements with the United Nations and most upsetting of all – he loves to play with The Constitution. He’s like a baby that likes to dump things out of his playpen then stand and watch what happens. Whimpering and have a tantrum when it doesn’t go right. Crowing and giggling for all to hear when he thinks he did something grand.

He has scattered his playmates all through our government – the State Department, Department of Justice, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Congress et al and of course, we can’t forget The Supreme Court. He plays with them like marionettes, jerking their strings, making them carry out his child-like games which are full of bluffs, lies, and distractions, but underneath are dangerous. It’s sad. The American people long for an adult to rein in these baby behaviors. Where are they?

The Black Wall

So instead the American People took things in their own hands and forced Donald to build a Wall around the White House. Hoping to harness his powers and keep him from being even more destructive. Keeping him from destroying himself and this nation. It’s sad.

It’s ironic, isn’t it that this Wall built around the White House to keep the President in his place is Black. Black to keep the message of Black Lives Matter away from him. Black to not allow him to see the people that are clamoring for equal justice and mature leadership. It’s sad.

I hope that Wall is high enough and strong enough to keep him out of trouble and allow the American People to get on with creating “a more perfect Union.”

Comments are welcome, but I do expect you to be respectful in this matter.

1 thought on “Donald’s Wall: He Finally Built That Wall – The Playpen”

  1. Of course you know that I agree with you 100%. I fear that his campaign against Biden will be beyond savage and dirty. My friend fears that if he loses in November he will refuse to accept the election results and NOT leave the White House in January. Could that actually happen? Don’t put anything past Trump.


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