Come Celebrate This Happy Day!

March 3rd – I Want You to be Happy Day

Do you know what March 3rd is? It’s the happiest day of the year. It is National I Want You to be Happy Day! It’s the day that everyone needs to make a special effort to spread happiness to others. It doesn’t need to be surprising someone with winning a sweepstake or millions of dollars. This day is to just try and make someone’s life a bit happier. Things like – visiting a friend in a nursing home, calling your Mom or Dad, bringing in doughnuts to your workplace, complementing the clerk at the fast food place on her nails, giving out chocolates to strangers you meet – anything that will pass along the feeling of goodwill and bring a smile to another person’s face. Think hard, and you will come up with dozens of ways to celebrate this day.

Here’s a poem I wrote to celebrate – I Want You to be Happy Day.

Cat Happy

On I Want You to be Happy Day

I’ll text my friends with a happy greeting,

Telling them my wish for smiles today.

My face, a smile with every meeting.


Making others happy

Is the goal of this special day.

A joke, a lollipop, a song that’s toe-tappy,

Perhaps even a pretty bouquet!


Let’s all try to treasure

I Want You to be Happy Day

And keep in our hearts a measure

So we can give a smile every day.


Please celebrate – I Want You to be Happy Day! What will you do on this day?

Comments welcome.


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