The Desk Dilemma: Part One

sick computer

Sorry for being out of my blog for so long – between the Holidays, visitors, and by far computer problems, real life has interfered with my writing. On New Year’s Eve, my monitor died a sudden and complete death. Despite all the attempts at resuscitation, it was gone for good. Now I was aware that I needed a new computer as I was running Windows 7 on an old computer. I was hoping to wait a bit, but it was time to switch to a new one. I went out on January 2nd of the new decade to get an All-In-One computer as I like a desktop to work on for my writing.

For various reasons, I was unable to get the new computer up and running until the Geek Squad came out days later. In the meantime, I struggled with using the super-duper dandy Mac I won in the Literary Contest last year. When I say struggled, I mean, “How do I do this?” Where’s that key?” ‘Why can’t I get this to scroll.”  Not only was I dealing with using a laptop which I have never been very good at, but I also was having to learn how to use the strange configuration of the Mac. Never having touched a Mac before acquiring it, I was pretty clueless as to how to get it to do what I wanted it to do. Also, I did not have my security suite downloaded yet, nor Office 365. Those two things alone took me 48 hours to do. (I thought it was my poor tech understanding that caused that delay, but the Geek Squad guy told me it was because my Internet provider speed was slow).

Once those two things were up and running, I felt a little bit more at home on the Mac. There are things I do like about the Mac, but it wasn’t my familiar Windows-based desktop, and this slowed down everything I did – even my emailing, which should be quick. The laptop was a blessing to have in the interim, but I was happy to be able to use the desktop once the Geek Squad got it up and running with all my files transferred to the new computer.

Now comes the dilemma. This old school monster desk I have is long and even has a  computer screenspace for the printer (which now is to small for my all-in-one printer). However, it also has a long top shelf where the Monitor is supposed to sit. This big monitor I have now is so high on the shelf that with my bifocals, my neck is always in a horrible position. I tried to move the monitor down on the desk itself, but it was too precarious, even on an angle. So what to do? The obvious solution is to get another desk. A bundle of problems came with that solution.

First, looking for a computer/office desk at stores was pretty useless. The office stores had little to none in stock, and the furniture store offerings were not practical. I found my only recourse was to shop online and keep my fingers crossed that I would like the actual desk that I bought from that tiny picture. I did my best to research the desk I thought I liked. I measured my space, looked at reviews, and perused questions so that I was fairly sure of what I would get.

Then the dance began. First, I had to clean the desk completely, including the shelves, nooks, and crannies, where I had stored supplies. This task involves books, papers, files, pencils, pens, journals, and more books. Where to put all that stuff in the meantime? I scheduled my cleaner to help me on Monday for that task.

Secondly, I had to get rid of the current desk because my space is limited. There is no way I could move this monster – even out to the garage. I like to recycle things if I can, so I contacted several charities, but they didn’t want to pick up such a heavy object, and they might not want it when they saw it. What to do? I found a company that for a fee (which I was happy to pay at this point) removes ‘Junk’ and would attempt to take it to a charity, but if rejected, they would dispose of it. Perfect. I scheduled them for Tuesday.

I wouldn’t be home on Wednesday and Thursday, so I scheduled the delivery of the new desk (To be assembled – not by me) on Thursday when I would be there to have them put it in my garage.

Then the following Saturday, the Geek Squad would come out and assemble the desk and reset up the computer and printer as part of the sale of the desk. What could go wrong?

To be continued…

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