Don’t Fight The Stretch!

Back pain

During this last month, my back began to hurt, and being a retired Physical Therapist, and I knew the stretches that would help to alleviate the pain. As I began to stretch, I could feel my body start to defend itself from the initial pain. Slow down! I commanded my body, but even then, I could feel myself tense up not only in my back but my entire body. Don’t fight the stretch! Relax! Gradually my body obeyed my commands. I could feel the stretch allowing my muscles to lengthen and ease the pain that had been crippling only minutes before. After a simple fifteen minutes of stretching I felt much better.

Later, when I sat down to work on a short story. I wrestled with how I could bring this idea to fruition on my blank computer screen. I wanted to tell the story uniquely, but my mind kept fighting the ideas that I imagined. Then the commands I had given myself earlier rang in my brain. Slow down. Don’t fight the stretch. Relax.

lightbulbs floatingI closed my eyes and let my mind float the ideas surrounding the story. I let my mind wander and speculate possible ways to approach the story. Slowly the story’s structure came to me, and when my fingers hit the keyboard, the words just flew onto the document. I was on my way!

So that’s my advice to you – Don’t fight the stretch! Relax, and let your mind carry you through the process of developing your ideas.

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