Happy Labor Day! The End of the Summer


Labor Day is here again, and per usual, so is the threat of a hurricane. Honestly, I can’t remember a Labor Day weekend that we didn’t either have a hurricane or have the threat of one.  It would be so nice to have friends come over and watch the US Open Tennis Tournament and have a cookout or something, but no – instead I am moving furniture off the patio and front porch and “hunkering down.”  Sigh.

Labor Day, although not officially the end of summer, always seemed to me to be the end of the warm lazy fun days of summer. School always started right after Labor day in my northern hometown. I knew the cold days of winter was coming even though there still were many lovely days ahead before the cold winds blew. Nevertheless, I wanted the cold days over with so the warm days would return. Here’s a poem that reflects that sentiment.


The Last Days of Summer

The end has come

To lazy summer days.

No more beach visits in the sun,

No more swimming holidays.


Oh, the hot days of summer will soon end.

 Shortly, the leaves will turn.

The long sunny days shorten towards years end.

Fall’s winds blow without concern.


I will stoically endure the shortened days –

The wind, the cold and snow,

But in my mind,

I’ll be on the beach getting a suntan glow.


Why do I endure the seasons change?

Why not move some place tropical?

A year-long summer I could arrange,

If I just moved to Florida.

And so I did …  Comments welcome!

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