Celebrate: I Want You to be Happy Day!

Happy I Want You to be Happy Day!

March 3rd

Yes! March 3rd is that sweet day dedicated to making another person happy just because … It doesn’t have to be a big thing like giving away a million bucks – although I wouldn’t say “No” to that! It’s holding the door open for someone who is having trouble with it. It’s making breakfast for you sweetheart. It’s buying lunch for the car behind you in the drive-thru lane. It’s doing something special for anyone really. The reason? Just because.

Doing something to make another person happy has an unusual effect – it grows and multiples. As you make one person happy, that person feels great and because of that – makes another happy and on it goes.  I can’t give all of you a hug, but perhaps a silly limerick, or two, or three by me will bring a smile to your face. Here goes!

Limerick 1

There once was a pretentious bookcase

That sat next to the fireplace

Alphabetically, the books were in line

In a way to show each spine

Haughtily showing its knowledge base.


Okay so how about this one?


Limerick 2

There once was a weekly blogger

Who impressed everyone with her swogger

It was out there in cyberspace

That her blog was a showcase

And she really was a good jogger.


And finally!


Limerick 3

Limericks are such fun!

You’ll smile like eating a cinnamon bun.

AABBA is the trail.

With that, you will never fail.

Try your hand at one.


I hope I have made you smile.


I Want You To Be Happy Day!

Comments are always welcome. Share a limerick or two.

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