Possibilities: Taking Time Out to Write




I seem to be having difficulties having enough time to write. So the conundrum is: do I write a brilliant blog post about writing, or do I write a story that keeps knocking on my brain to be told? I have to admit it is a wonderful day to dedicate to writing. It is cold out. I have no meetings that I need to attend. There are no pressing news stories that will draw me away to CNN. Now that the government is open again, I don’t need to keep emailing my Senators. So why am I trying to write a blog post about writing when I can just be writing? I guess it is like: “To be or not to be – that is the question.” Instead, it is:

2b or not 2b






It is not that I don’t want to write – it is that I don’t want to have the pressure of writing a brilliant blog post that no one cares about; when instead I can be writing a brilliant story that I care about.

After careful deliberation, I have made my decision. I am off to answer that knocking at the door of my brain, so see you next week with a brilliant blog post.

Comments? They are always welcome (unless they are snarky about my decision).

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