Thoughts on Computers: A Poem

[As you might guess, I am up and running again without interruption of my Internet service due to some lovely service people that helped me out. Thank you AT&T tech Dale!]

Ode to My Computer                

Oh magic Box, My friend,                                         good computer

That allows my brilliant words to flow.

Your innards, an endless mind,

Where Google’s knowledge glows.



Are you here to enhance and feed?

To accommodate my every need?

In my never-ending email list, do you bring me junk or disaster?

It makes me wonder – Are you, my servant, or my Master?


Why is it you sometimes act like a jilted lover?                computer sticking tongue out

Losing things I can’t recover?

Why is it when I am corresponding,

You insist on not responding?


I click, and click, and click again

But you stubbornly remain quiet as a pin.

The security program I run, and run,

The updates appear one-by-one.


Sometimes when you go silent, I reboot.

Hoping that you will regroup.

Oh, Dear sweet computer come up!

Appear! Don’t blow up!


Bless my soul you slowly show

Your face now aglow

With pictures and graphs

Ready to do my paragraphs.


questioning girl   I readily wonder again.

        Can you possibly be a machine with a brain

                              Ready to be my slave?

                              Or is it I, that has become the knave?

by Marie Staight


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