Computer Woes in Cartoons

Sometimes my frustration with technology gets to the point that my head feels like it will explode if my computer signals one more time Not Responding. In the past week, I have spent too much time twiddling my thumbs as I waited for my computer to do something – anything at all.  This resulted in me not being able to research and write this blog.  The depths of my ability to remain composed throughout this week tested me to the extreme. So dear friends I apologize for not having anything ‘writerly’ to add to this blog today, but perhaps you will enjoy these cartoons instead?

Please do anything! Buffer even …..

NOt Responding


Maybe if I click this ‘X’ something will work, or at least I can restart the dang thing….

computer clicks

Sigh, this is what happened…

cat No


It took all my fortitude not to do this.


crash computer


It all  made me yearn for these …

Typewriter 1

What about you? Have you ever wished for a hammer to slug your computer? Does anyone out there use a typewriter? Comments welcome!

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