Building Blocks: How to Build a Sentence

I was contemplating what I would write about today and the thought came to me, that I had not talked about the smallest building block of writing – the sentence. Thus I put together a simple primer on building sentences. Please forgive the silliness of it.

long sentence

                                                   How to Build a Sentence

Put on your hard hat.

Get out the hammer and nails.

Enough with the chitchat.

Let’s build a sentence with details.


Start with a subject

Throw in a verb

End with an object

And now you have verve.


Subject – a person, place or thing.

The verb carries the action

To the object’s wellspring.

Now your sentence has traction!


Sprinkle with modifiers,

Clauses and conjunctions.

Correct your qualifiers,

Don’t forget the punctuations!


A sentence expresses thoughts,

That come in streams.

All those forget-me-nots

Our ideas and deepest dreams.


So get out your two-by-fours

Drywall and level

Open your mind’s doors

And build a sentence or several.


Then tell me a tale

Full of sentences fair,

Nonfiction or fairytales.

Words forever given to air.


           By Marie Staight


Comments are welcome!

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