The Road to Creativity: Five Tips for Being Creative


Merriam Webster defines creativity as “to bring into existence something new.” When we create we bring into existence something that comes from our fantasy or our imagination that brings a fresh perspective on things.

Writers need to dip into creativity to bring forth unique and meaningful stories. A writer’s creativity includes self-expression, originality, and uniqueness. Being creative allows us to perceive the world through all our senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. By doing so, we can be open to the unlimited possibilities of situations and challenges.

Imagination is integral to being creative. Being able to wander about in your fantasy world helps to spark the creative drive. Enjoying that process makes creativity a most rewarding adventure.

 Here are five tips for bringing out your creative side;

  1. Be curious. Ask questions – especially “what if?” Explore the possibilities that you could follow to make the best story you can.
  2. Be Fearless. Don’t be afraid to go to uncomfortable places. Pushing yourself to explore unexpected areas can help to break through to a compelling story.
  3. Use Personal Details. Incorporate your life experiences into your writing that offers a distinctly personal and authentic perspective.
  4. Be creative with your word choice. Variety in your word choice and sentences make your work spicy and interesting. Using similies, metaphors, unusual imagery, and other literary devices will add depth to your work.
  5. Consider the reader as you write. Satisfying both yourself and the audience you are writing for makes your writing more precise and open. Try to envision clarity in your writing so that your reader will come along with you on your adventure.


Next week I will delve into one of the ways you can spark your creativity, so come back next time! Any comments?

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