The Joy in Writing: Five Reasons I Love Writing


Snopy typewriterSometimes when I struggle to write — when filling a page is hard, hard work, I wonder why I find the finished product so satisfying. What I write isn’t always the most professional or the best stuff,  but I still find a thrill that I have written something that is uniquely mine. The emotions I have of filling a page with words – with words that are completely my thoughts, my take on a specific subject, creates such happiness and pleasure that I often find myself delighted with what I have done. So I tried to compile some thoughts on why writing is so joyful for me.


Reason One: Filling the Blank Page with Words

Now here is a reason to be joyful. There is something very satisfying about seeing that snoopy with paperblank page disappear, and strings of words and thoughts coming from your head through your fingers to the page. It can be gibberish, but if it makes sense to you and you can reconstruct it to make it work in the editing phase: the words filling the blankness of the page are valuable to you.


Reason Two: Preservation of Your Thoughts

It is so satisfying to know that what you have been thinking about for minutes, hours, months — and in some cases, even years — are now down on that page. As a retiree, I often can’t remember what I had for breakfast, or why I went into a room! But by preserving my thoughts on paper (or in my case — on screen), they are there for me to recover and to show to the world what was on my mind. When I can put together a decent story or poem, the happiness, and pride in what I have done fills me with joy.


Reason Three: Realizing the Power of Your Words on the Page

There is a certain type of joy that overcomes you when you realize your words have Snoopy happy dancepower — the power to change someone else’s perspective on a subject. It is unique to writing and speaking that we can influence another’s thoughts through storytelling. Sometimes it is just to allow another person to step into your creation to view the world from another perspective. Sometimes it is to try to sway your reader/listener to join you in your understanding of reality. It brings a joyful satisfaction when our words allow us that power.


Reason Four: Conveying Your Thoughts Into a Story

I think this is my favorite part of placing those words on a blank piece of paper. Construction of a story can range from being quite difficult, to a strange zone in which words flow from your brain as if some little person inside of you is dictating the story that gets written down on that blank piece of paper. What joy it brings to your heart to see you have written a story that coveys the feelings, the emotions, and most importantly, the ideas that you had vaguely imagined before you sat down to write.


Reason Five: Getting a Response From Those That Read or Hear your Words

Lastly, when I read my story to my writing group, or get feedback from something I have written, there is that wonder —  will my audience will be delighted in what I have written? Or will a constructive discussion occur because of differing viewpoints?  Honestly, it doesn’t matter which happens for me. Just the thought that others would have seen or heard what I have written, and acknowledged that my words have spoken to them, gives me that joyful feeling that what I have written has caused others to think about my ideas. That is very powerful and satisfying.

 There you are, five reasons that writing brings me joy. I imagine there are other reasons people enjoy writing. What are the things you find give you joy and makes writing so delightful and satisfying?

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