Book Club Blues

reading girl

It’s that time again. Time to hurry through reading the monthly book for our book club. This time it is Daphne du Maurier’s, Rebecca. That is the book that has the fabulous first line:  “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” The thing is – I am at least two hours away from finishing the story. It’s a mystery in that from the very beginning you want to know what happens to the narrator and the mysterious first wife of Maxim de Winter. The author builds the story slowly chapter by chapter – laying out new clues as to who was involved and what happened. The tension builds as the clues are stretched out before me. I really enjoy books like this. Even though I have to put the book down to do things like eat and sleep; as a reader, my mind is wondering how all these clues will come together. And as a writer, my mind churns out possible ways the story could track.  It makes me anxious to pick up the book again to find out how this famous author handles the story.

Have you read anything lately that grabs your imagination so tightly that you just can’t put it down? And if you do have to put it down, niggles your brain so much that you just can’t wait to pick it up again? Tell me about your experiences with books like that by commenting below.




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