A Reminder to Leave Reviews

Book Review1

I do a lot of reading. Some books I enjoy and others – not so much. When I find a story that is very engaging, and I enjoyed, I try to leave a thoughtful review either on Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews are a wonderful way to give other readers a sense of what the book was about and whether it will be worth their time to read. The book review also gives the authors honest feedback about their work – what you, as the reader, liked or didn’t like.

What do you do if the book was badly edited or the story wasn’t something you personally liked? Like my Mother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, best to be quiet.” Nothing stops you from being honest and saying you didn’t finish the book because of these things, but giving low ratings just because of your personal preference seems unfair to me. Think carefully before giving a rating lower than three stars. Better to leave no review than a very negative one.

Did you know that reviews helped the authors to sell their books? The more reviews, the higher the book is ranked, and this means higher sales for the author. So next time you finish a book, take the time to leave a review.  The author will be very pleased.

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